AURA DISTILLERY – “Hand picked, prepared with love”

The news from Binvest is that we have become the exclusive importer and distributor of Aura products!

The company ‘Aura proizvodi’, based in Buzet, Istria, Croatia, is engaged in the production of exclusive traditional products such as brandies and jams and other autochthonous products from wild medicinal plants and wild fruits harvested in an ecologically clean environment on the slopes of Ćićarija, far from roads and populated areas.

In their production, you can find interesting delicacies, from jams to brandies, which are aged for up to three years, half a year on maceration, after which they are settled and decanted for the next two and a half years and even up to six times to lose the sediment in a natural way.

The basis of all brandies is homemade brandy made from grapes, pear or apple.

A special place in their production is occupied by Gin Karbun made from grain distillate, pine and 20 spices. Gin Karbun undergoes filtration through activated charcoal and offers it as an important component when serving. It is inspired by the strength of the last charcoal producers from Ćićarija, an area where only natural ingredients grow, which are key to the creation of Gin Karbun.

Gin Karbun won a gold medal at the prestigious World Spirits Awards 2021.

“AurA” products are recognized on the market as a top brand in which a lot of work and an extremely large amount of love has been invested in each product, therefore their slogan supports everything previously said: “HAND PICKED, PREPARED WITH LOVE”.

In our offer you can find the following ‘AurA’ products:

– Aura Teranino 0.2L; 0.5L; 0.7L

– Aura Medenica 0.2L; 0.7L

– Karbun Gin 0.75L