Long ago in 1956, the production of beer under the name “Spezi” began in Augsburg, Germany.


The name has a symbolic meaning and means – good friend in the Bavarian dialect.

In that period, the Riegele brewery was among the first to simultaneously build the production of soft drinks. Brewery managers noticed that people in restaurants were asking for a mixed drink made of cola and orange juice. Seeing great potential, they transferred the existing name “Spezi” to a new drink – a mixture of cola and orange juice. Almost by accident, they invented a drink that quickly became popular.


The drink spread to other countries in a short period of time. In the 1980s, the mixture of cola and orange juice was a well-known combination in all parts of Yugoslavia at the time, thanks to the large number of workers who enjoyed the original Spezi in Germany.


According to the license and the original recipe according to which it is produced, Spezi has been available on our market for several years.