Puklavec Family Wines

Puklavec Family Wines is one of the leading wine cellars in SLOVENIA, CURRENT and multiple winner of the WINEMAKER OF THE YEAR title (2022, 2021, 2020, 2018, 2016 and 2014).


The family’s wine story began in 1934, when Martin Puklavec set a vision: to create the best wines together. Since 2009, the cellar has been again in the care of the Puklavec family, which still preserves its core values: passion, hard work and commitment to the highest quality. Tradition is intertwined with the most modern technology, which sets new trends in the field of winemaking and viticulture.


In 2019, in one of the biggest investments of Slovenian companies abroad, they opened a renovated Negotino cellar boutique in North Macedonia, adding top quality red wines to their rich offer. By taking over the Macedonian cellar, Puklavec Family Wines strengthens its place among the largest wine cellars in this part of Europe.


The wines of the winery Puklavec Family Wines are varietal recognizable and expressive. They are represented by recognizable lines of fresh and popular wines Jeruzalem Ormož and Ljutomerčan, as well as exclusive lines of more complex wines Seven Numbers and Estate Selection, which are intended exclusively for the HoReCa segment. Red wines from the winery in North Macedonia are united under the Instinct brand.


Puklavec Family Wines also has the largest archive cellar in Slovenia, where more than 250,000 bottles are stored, including the best vintages, including the legendary Sauvignon vintage from 1963.


The wines from the Puklavec Family Wines cellar are elegant and designed with an uncompromising dedication to detail. They are as harmonious and expressive as the region itself, which provided a home to their vineyards.