The Bimmerle distillery has been achieving high quality strong alcoholic beverages for five decades through a successful combination of knowledge, high technology and tradition.


When it was founded in 1966, the distillery had 22 employees, and today it has reached the position of market leader in the field of strong alcoholic beverages in Germany, with over 110 employees. Through the new, very modern production location in Sasbach, the family company is setting new standards in technology, sustainability, and environmental protection. As the first distillery in Germany, Bimmerle covers all energy needs (thermal and energy production), burning fruit pits and wood waste from the region of Schwarzwald, all with the aim of energy sustainability.


In 1995, Günter and his son Tomas took a step towards internationalization by taking over and expanding the Lörch company –  the work that expanded throughout Europe in the field of fruit brandies.


In November 2016, the new possibilities of the most modern and sustainable production of the distillery in Sasbach opened the first opportunity to establish another brand on the market alongside the Lörch brand. Needle Blackforest Dry Gin is an original handmade gin from Schwarzwald. The secret of Needle gin is its excellent quality combined with the details of Schwarzwald. Needle tells the story of Schwarzwald, inspired by nature, people, lifestyle and love.


In order to conquer not only the world of gin, but also the hearts of rum lovers, the world saw the product Wood Stork Spiced Rum in 2019. Sugarcane molasses fermented in Schwarzwald and distilled in the traditional copper stills of the Bimmerle distillery.


The motto of the Bimmerle distillery is to “develop the traditional and to refine it with the passion of the Schwarzwald”.