Amigos - La famiglia del caffè

Amigos coffee originates from Trieste, from a craft roaster that has been bringing the distinctive taste of Italian coffee to homes, restaurants and cafes around the world since 1980.

The first headquarters of Amigos Caffè was a small warehouse of 40 m2 in the suburbs of Trieste. That is where Severino Mingardi, his wife and an old 30 kg roaster started a border-crossing project that makes them proud today and spans the whole of Europe.

Today, Amigos Caffè’s facilities occupy an area of 11,000 m2, with modern facilities that produce 1,600 kg of coffee an hour. With these figures, they started from Trieste and have expanded to the markets of Eastern and Central Europe, offering the possibility of custom production. What has never changed is the love for coffee; a love that Arianna Mingardi, who is now at the head of the company, continues to cherish and pass on to others.