Sanpellegrino Naturali

Your favourite slightly carbonated fruit juices have become even more natural, elegant and sustainable.

Made from 100% natural ingredients: citrus fruits ripened under the Mediterranean sun of Italy, carefully selected to give you a unique and refreshing taste.

The Sanpellegrino Group launched the Naturali product line on the market – a completely new look for the entire range of slightly carbonated fruit juices. The Naturali line is based on the renewal of the existing production formula in order to stick to 100% natural ingredients. The transition from a standard can to an elegant slim can, and a change in its design.

The long-term strategy of the Sanpellegrino Group is that all the packaging in which the goods are placed on the market comes from recycled sources and that the packaging can be 100% recycled, which is what has been done with secondary packaging – switching from foil to recycled cardboard.

Unlike the old can, the protective film has been removed from the new can, all with the aim of reducing excessive packaging and environmental pollution.

We have expanded the existing range of Sanpellegrino cans with a new flavour – Sanpellegrino POMEGRANATE & ORANGE. Juicy sun-ripened oranges in combination with pomegranate provide the perfect balance for an exceptional, light and sensational taste.

Thanks to the Naturali line, fans of Sanpellegrino slightly carbonated fruit juices can now enjoy the identical taste at home, in the park or at their favourite bar.