Pipi is no ordinary juice. Pipi is Pipi. Pipi is the sea, Dalmatia and summer – everything that makes life carefree and so easy.


It was named after the most famous “long stocking”, the rebel Pipi from the popular children’s book of Astrid Lindgren.

Since then, until today, that freckled girl is the trademark of the most famous drink from Split.

After business stunts that lasted for several long years, with the rise of Dalmacijavino, Pipi also returned with its oranges to experience a re-bloom. The new Pipi is more free-spirited and carefree than ever before. In the hot summer days, it is best enjoyed cold.


Even today, Pipi is one of the most recognizable protective products of Dalmacijavino, and according to some data, on the eve of the Mediterranean Games in Split, Pipi surpassed even the famous Coca-Cola in terms of sales.