Badel 1862

The company Badel 1862 became the majority owner of the company Vinoplod Vinarija d.d. Šibenik at the end of the recapitalization process in 2019. Vinoplod has kept all its key and recognizable brands in both wines and spirits.


At the beginning of 2020, Badel 1862 took over the intellectual property of the “Dalmacijavina” brand of strong alcoholic beverages. The production of the “Dalmacijavina” brand of strong alcoholic beverages takes place at the Vinoplod factory in Šibenik, which means that the production and bottling of these brands was once again returned to Dalmatia.


By taking over the brands Vinoplod and Dalmacijavina, Badel 1862 further strengthened its position as the largest producer of strong alcoholic beverages at the Croatian market.