One of the leading food companies in Istria, whose business is carried out in several production units: viticulture, olive growing and cattle breeding on 1200 acres of cultivated land. Out of the 1,200 acres of the cultivated area, the largest part is made up of vineyards, olive groves and grassy areas. Olive oil, wine and cheeses represent autochthonous Istrian products and are sold under the brands “Ol Istria”, “Vina Laguna” and “Špin”.


Laguna wines are arranged in a pyramid of fresh, lively wines for everyday consumption to those that are exceptional, complex wines for wine connoisseurs, all with one goal – satisfaction and pleasure in the Istrian way, with easiness.


Extra virgin olive oil Ol Istria has been a synonym and quality standard for Istrian olive oils for years, which is confirmed by the numerous awards that this oil wins year after year.