New Pipi summer flavours

The innovative and refreshing tangerine-watermelon and Pipi Kokola are the new Pipi summer flavours.

Back in May 1971, the first Pipi bottles were filled, and Pipi has remained a favourite orange drink for people of all generations to this day. Pipi now represents not only a drink but also an attitude, a special philosophy of life. The secret of the brand’s success is first and foremost top quality, followed by authentic Dalmatian relaxation, which everyone likes.

On the occasion of its 50th birthday, Pipi comes out with 3 new flavours! These are refreshing tangerine-watermelon, Pipi Kokola and Pipi Tonic tangerine. The new Pipi flavours can currently be found exclusively in catering establishments in the well-known 0.25L glass bottles, and to the great satisfaction of Pipi fans, some of the flavours will soon be available in retail as well.

The taste of tangerine-watermelon delights with its organoleptic profile and fusion between fruits, while Kokola is brutally refreshing.

In our offer you can find 2 out of the 3 new flavours: Pipi tangerine-watermelon and Pipi Kokola.